Meet the Board

Section Director

Jonnie Lan, AICP

Director for Administration and Finance

Jarred Olsen, AICP

Co-Director for Equity & Diversity

Simran Jhutti

Director for Professional (AICP) Development

Cindy van Empel

Director for Professional Development (Programs)

Kelsey George, AICP

Director for Membership and Public Information

Jenna Chillingerian, MCRP AICP

Section Historian

Mark Staples

Legislative Liaison

Jeffrey O’Neal, AICP

Special Projects Coordinator

Victoria R. Chung

Sierra Retreat Coordinator

Carolina Ilic

Web Master and Awards Chair

Rob Terry, MPA AICP

Immediate Past Section Director

Jennifer Clark, AICP

YEP/Student/Mentorship Co-Chair

Joel Matias

YEP/Student/Mentorship Co-Chair

Noah Venegas